Vlog if monetisation activated!

Staying Relevant
1 min readDec 12, 2022

I’ll start vlogging about my life. Once I cross the milestone of 1000 subscribers.

Not sure whether I had announced this earlier so there you go! With least efforts, I know, it’s never going to be possible, as it never had since last 15 years of this YouTube Channel. This is like self imposed catch-22 situation, where I wont vlog unless I get 1000 subs & probably I wont get 1000 subs until I start vlogging (or some other video posting activity).

For the record currently, on 10 Dec. 2022, my Youtube channel has a subscription count of 554 & requires almost double than what I have.

If you check out my Youtube channel, it’s random and not stick to a particular topic. But if I start vlogging,

what kind of video content you’d like to watch on my vlog?

I believe, I have quite variety of experiences to share from Cloud tech, Computer hardware, DIY servers, home-labs, marketing, startups, business, street-smarts, automobile, roads, travel, gardening, DIY home, family, raising kids, all geeky stuff! which one interests you?

As I promised to release at least 1 piece of meaningful content every week, (may be in the form of newsletter) this story is definitely not one of those. You might want to subscribe to my newsletter to get weekly insights and my thoughts on interesting things.



Staying Relevant

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