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Staying Relevant
3 min readDec 10, 2022

Deliver it, publish at least one article per week. That’s the commitment I am setting up for myself. I am thinking of releasing in newsletter format rather than a blogpost on Medium or LinkedIn, because that’s something I haven’t explored much. So here’s the link to my Newsletter which you should subscribe to right-away!

Now, whenever I think of any brand new resolution, I ask one simple question: “If you want to perform X thing, or achieve Y… why haven’t you done that before? Have you tried it in past? What happened, did you fail to commit, lost interest, or was it too hard (or time/resource intensive) to implement?”

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Typical articles or detailed blogposts, takes a lot of time. While newsletter, as what I am planning, will have my insights and weekly learnings, where I’ll be sharing links to interesting content and may not write long content. This is something attainable every week. & if I think of good old LinkedIn articles or Medium stories… guess what! even this article stayed in ‘draft mode’ for a week. That gives you the answer!

I don’t finish the drafts, that’s the problem.

And while planning on the writing strategy and this article, I noticed it’s a common problem. Many writers tend to have dozens of stories in ‘draft mode’ that they never finish. In my case, I start working on some draft and some distraction drives me to other open tabs of internet. & When I revisit those drafts, I feel they are not finished and requires more data or insights.

Why there are so many unpublished stories? What is your reason?

I am subscribed to Tim Denning’s newsletter and coincidentally, got invitation to his masterclass this week. It was about how he publishes more than 60 pieces of content every week across different platforms, including Twitter, Medium, SubStack & LinkedIn. Topic seemed relevant and addressing exact issues I am struggling with, to produce and deliver content consistently. (You can watch his recorded webinar with the link below. 👇🏽)

Tim emphasised on taking notes and keeping notebook app handy to jot down ideas and concept to later convert them into articles. Organise them to curate and structure the content. And lastly, squeeze out as much time possible with quick breaks from day-job, to deliver the content.

You can follow him & Todd Brison who hosted this masterclass. More about their masterclass & my feedback in later post (-a learning from the same masterclass, to keep only 1 topic for 1 article 😀 ). For now coming back to 1 post commitment: subscribe to my brand new newsletter and follow on Medium. Cheers!



Staying Relevant

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