LibreOffice vs OpenOffice End of discussion

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1 min readJan 20, 2023


Go for LibreOffice. Period.

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I don’t know why are we discussing this topic. The answer is clear as day. But every now and then I setup new OS I stumble upon the thought of going for MS Office alternative, and search on web for LibreOffice vs OpenOffice articles. And the opinion always incline towards LibreOffice, as its actively maintained by open source community. So, to save myself a trouble seeking opinion again next time, I am writing this (sort of a reminder to myself) to go for LibreOffice.

Microsoft 365’s office suite costs $150 for one time purchase or $70 per year as a subscription. If you wish not to spend that much money and are not going to use more than 5GB of cloud storage space, you can look for free alternatives to M365 (more commonly known as MS Office) such as LibreOffice or other open source software bundle. Actually, LibreOffice isn’t the first in the list of top contenders for Office 365. The real alternatives (surprisingly) are:

  1. (online only version)
  2. Google WorkSpace

Both are apparently fighting for corporate email services but offer office documents collaboration suite free of cost.



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