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3 min readJan 14, 2023

Easy money, available remotely, accessed any time, is it possible?

If you’re seeking some extra income with #sidegig the answer is always a mirage, or coupons of some products that cannot be used elsewhere, there’s hardly a real cash money and if you ever find some assignment, survey, task that pays you in $$ you’d most probably end up getting scammed; and if you too luck and got a real scam-proof work it’s often peanuts that you get out of the job.

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The freelancer market at (UpWork, Fiverr) is not easy to break in, is full of competition and rewards the established members (old users with good reviews). So, if you’re looking for work-anytime, anywhere, easy job, then transcription, typing, form-filing, data-entry, or labelling are the low handing fruits. Something similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Also they don’t pay you well per task/hour but that’s fair as it doesn’t demand high skills. Further, even lazy jobs, and almost zero skill, paid tasks can be found on the internet. They are bit shady and ask you to go through online ads, click on banners, links, watch entire video ad, or download the app, write fake/made-up reviews etc. Obviously you’d stay away from such jobs. So what options you are left with?

You want side-income with an easy job, that pays; you’d obviously want your skills and experience utilised (without getting scammed, of course!).

👆Make way for RESPONDENT.IO! 👆

Respondent is a market research app that surveys people (mostly skilled professionals with industry experience) and pays them for their insights and time for interview. Its clients are big companies who’re launching new or improving existing products with the help of feedback they collect from right users. They are ready to pay hundreds of dollars (even $500/hour!) per interview session, if they find relevant users (focus-group).

I recently discovered this app and quickly signed up to apply for interviews that match with my skills and experience. You have a quota of 10 screener per day, that means you can request up to 10 interviews per day. These screeners -screening questions, help clients (surveyor) decide whether to arrange a call with you.

The app (website) is simple & great and serves both parties with spot-on niche. Most of the jobs are remote, quick, and requires no homework. All you need is a PayPal account to receive money, no country wise restrictions! I instantly fall in love with this app, so much so that, I am reviewing about it here, right away! I had gone through few screeners and for the first time in many months/years I felt like I am valued for my knowledge. Although it’s just Day-1 and I haven’t been paid yet, I think it’s time well spent than ...infinite scrolling of social media 🙄

Side income, with online, remote jobs

I am sharing one project that doesn’t require ‘industry expert knowledge’, has only 3 questions for you to get started. The app also gives you referral links which (I have used in this article) increases your chances of earning further. I’d write a detailed post once I earn real money cash with it.

Affiliate Commission Links disclosure: The links referred to the app mentioned in the article have affiliate code that may offer the author cash rewards or credit on successful business of a threshold amount for the users, at no extra cost to readers.



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